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People who rely on public transportation have become skilled at navigating transportation services offered in and around their locale. The wish has always been for an easy way to identify those services that would make it convenient to get from there to here without having to transfer to multiple services.

Regional leadership heard their concerns, and as a result, created the Capital Area Regional Transit Coordination Committee (RTCC). Creating a seamless transportation system in the Capital Area is the challenge facing members of the RTCC, which was created in June 2005 under the combined leadership of the Capital Area Council of Governments and the Texas Department of Transportation.

Participants include representatives from more than 25 agencies and organizations that are responsible for providing public transportation services or health and human services, or that are interested in the coordination of public transportation and client transportation services in the Capital Area. The Capital Area includes a 10-county area that covers Llano, Burnet, Blanco, Williamson, Travis, Hays, Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell and Fayette counties.

The Capital Area RTCC is pleased to announce the approval of a new coordinated plan for the region. Review the plan and contact us to schedule a speaker to present the plan to your community group.


To provide full mobility and access to healthcare, human services, employment, education, commerce, social, and community services for all persons in the region.

To foster the development of a seamless public transportation system that achieves efficiencies, eliminates duplication, increases coordination, and addresses service gaps.