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Red Dory

Although red dory is a tourist business it is also a very competent website developing business based in Newfoundland. The business became accomplished in website development after it created its own website many years ago, at a time when coding was needed to be used and it has just kept up to date with changes since. Red Dory’s website is and from there you will see that they are a very well established business both in tourism and in website design and development. The tourism business obviously speaks for itself as they promote places to stay, visit and things to do whilst in their local area of Newfoundland but some may think it strange that a website design business is in such a remote place and not in a city somewhere. The internet though makes the world a lot smaller place and as far as business on the internet is concerned, often makes all businesses located in the same place. This is especially the case with website development as long as you can access a website; you can help in its development, with the consent of the website’s owner of course. The first thing a website designer will do is design a website which is good on the eye, interesting and relevant to what the business sells or the services it offers. Today it is too easy for a visitor to a website to just click and move to another site and so a visitor must like what they initially see so they will be tempted to stay and look more closely at the site. As well as obviously letting visitors know what you have available for them, many of the more popular sites will often have videos or interesting articles on the topic the site is about. This encourages a visitor to stick around and watch the video or read the article and that is good as generally, the longer spends on a website, the more likely they are to transform from a potential customer to an actual customer. Before you can keep visitor son your website though, you must first get the visitors and most website developers will use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to accomplish this. SEO are tactics which are used to attract more visitors to a website and include influencing the placement position of a website on a list of search results produced by a search engine. Often these lists will contain hundreds of different websites but as 70% of people that initiate searches never look further than the first page. The use of SEO will ensure that your website appears on that first page. Another tactic of SEO is called a back link and this is where a link to your site is placed on another, more popular site but is still relevant to your website. These back links encourage visitors to the more popular site to also visit your site and they too will be become additional customers for your business.

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