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Platforms for a Website

A website platform is a tool that enables you to create a website without the need for knowing HTML codes which at one time, was essential knowledge for building a website. Now that these platforms exist, there is no need to learn HTML and so almost anybody can create their own website. There are several different website platforms available, most of which can be downloaded for free but the three most popular ones are WordPress, Joomla and Prudal. Prudal is powerful tool but unfortunately most people find that to use it, at least a little knowledge of HTML is advisable. Although the basic Joomla does not need any HTML knowledge, some of the advanced features do. WordPress is a platform that is easy to use as no knowledge of HTML at all is required and yet it creates websites easily as good as any of the other platforms but its only downside if any, is that it does not have as many features as a platform like Joomla.

Although WordPress itself may not have as many features as you would perhaps like, it is still the most popular website platform as it is easy to add extensions or plug-ins in order to obtain those extra features wanted. It is perhaps the ease with which someone without any coding knowledge can create websites that makes this the most popular platform with more than 20% of all websites having been created using it. Of course if you could download WordPress with all the extra extensions you would ever need in just one easy action that would be better and now that is something that you can do by using Core PHP which combines the ease of WordPress with the many features of Joomla. A website platform will not just allow you to make a homepage for your website but will also allow you to create all the many different pages you may need to make your website both interesting and popular.

The homepage is of course the page which people will usually first see when directed to your website and so this will want to be catchy, holding a visitor’s attention long enough to see what is available on the site map. The website platform will help you create a sitemap which is essential if you want visitors to be happy with your site. The website platform will also assist in the creation of those other pages such as an about me page, comments page, images page, a page for list of services or products or any other page you may think appropriate and that may be of interest to any visitors. If you are using WordPress and a certain page you would like, perhaps a contact me page isn’t available, you need only look at the thousands of extensions which are available for free and add that easily to your website through WordPress. Most people find that no more extensions are needed other than those available through either WordPress or Joomla.

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