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When unemployed people will look almost anywhere in order to learn of job vacancies but of course if they find any, they will hope that they are in easy reach from where they live. Unfortunately, there are many people that in order to secure a new job, have to relocate and in some instances, those relocations are to towns or cities many miles from where they had been living. This is not just an expensive disruption for the other family members but is also stressful to the person taking on the new job at a time when the stress of starting a new job is already high.

To try and avoid relocating it is, therefore, best to look for a Local Job Network where you can learn of a vacancy closer to home. Unfortunately, although there is such a network in every area, not too many people are aware of it and so it is perhaps underused or at least not used to its full potential. The network I talk of is a set of listings, by area, of all job vacancies currently available from many of the companies located all over the country. These listings can be relied on to be accurate due to them being compiled and updated by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

The OFCCP is part of the Department of Labor and as such they do have a responsibility to try and keep unemployment down to a minimum but assisting the unemployed is not their number one task as they were specifically established to ensure that any companies applying for government contracts are compliant with government policies especially where advertising for and hiring new employees in a nondiscriminatory manner is concerned. In order for the office to achieve this task, they require that any and all companies hoping to be successful in obtaining a government contract, inform them of any new vacancies they have and how they fill those vacancies.

With many companies from the length and breadth of the country informing the OFCCP of their job openings, the office is in the unique position of knowing most of the country’s job vacancies as and where they appear. As this information could obviously be of great use to anyone that was currently unemployed, the office makes that information available to them and to make the information even more useful to them, the OFCCP divides the jobs into separate listings, one for each area in the country. This makes it not only easier for someone who is unemployed to find an appropriate job opportunity but also helps to ensure they find one in their local area, avoiding them from having to relocate.

For those people that do not immediately find a vacancy suitable for them, the OFCCP also provides advice on how they can best manage their time and reduced financial resources in order to get by until a suitable job vacancy does arrive and they successfully apply for it.

David Smead

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